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Off Roster Guns (ORGuns) is a unique firearms consulting agency that specializes in the California market. The extreme anti-gun culture of the State's government is reflected in the oppressive handgun laws forced onto its law abiding citizens. One of the most restrictive laws is California's "Safe Handgun" law, which allows the California Department of Justice to decide for YOU which handguns it thinks you should be able to own. The harsh reality is that these laws do not increase the safety of California handgun owners, but instead infringe upon their lawful right to keep and bear arms.

With your help this is about to change...

New California Retail

ORGuns is changing the California handgun market forever. In consultation with some of the brightest firearms and Indian law attorneys in the country, we have developed an entirely new business model for the retail sale of handguns in California, taking advantage of the sovereign status of California Indian Reservations. Setting up retail locations on California Indian Reservations provides ORGuns with many unique features, including the ability to retail ANY handgun in California, with no 10 day wait, and no monthly purchase limits. This is a game changer. California's handgunners will have access to any model, from any manufacturer.

ORGuns is working hard to open two new retail locations this summer, one in Northern California and one in Southern California. Check out our FAQ below for more info.

Join the revolution!

Pre-orders are now open!

Starting June 13, 2016 we will be accepting pre-orders from reservation list holders, anyone that donated through our website. Regular pre-orders will open June 16, 2016.

All pre-orders will be processed in the order they are received. We have limited quantities of all makes and models, but we are doing our best to accommodate demand.

Placing a pre-order. Send an email to with the following information:

  • Name
  • Billing Address
  • Email
  • Handgun make and exact model (include model number if available)
  • Paypal donation transaction number (allows immediate order and $20 discount)

We will reach out to you if any clarification on the order is needed. Once your information is processed you will receive an invoice with payment details. All orders require a 50% deposit, with balance due on or before delivery of your order. There is no quantity limitation on orders.

In addition to opening pre-orders we are very excited to announce additional information about the purchasing process. ORGuns has been working very hard to build an infrastructure that allows as many people access to the off roster model handguns they want as possible. To make this happened ORGuns is partnering with local gun shops across the State to process your firearm transfers. While this does mean that you will have a 10 day waiting period, you will still get the gun you want with no 30 day limitations. ORGuns feels that this will provide the MOST people in the state easy access to the guns they want, in a location the best fits their needs. We will be announcing these shops in the coming weeks!

We appreciate all our fans and supporters as ORGuns works to make our vision of the firearms market in California a reality!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ORGuns? > We are a brand new company setting up new California retail locations in Indian Country. We plan to open both a Southern California and a Northern California location this summer!

Why an Indian Reservation? > California Indian Tribes enjoy strong jurisdictional control and rights over their lands, including the inapplicability of certain laws over those lands.

How does an Indian Reservation change the laws? > The simple answer, think of this in terms of a Casino, there is a reason only Tribes and the State can opperate gambling establishments.

What will ORGuns offer California shooters? > Our business model allows us to retail any handgun, regardless of CalDOJ Roster status. That means any handgun manufacturer and model you want. Also, no tedious 10 day wait or one handgun purchase per 30 day requirement.

Who can buy from ORGuns? > We can sell firearms to any California resident, not just LEOs as other California retailers. You still must pass an NICS background check.

Are these used handguns or some type of PPT? > No, we will only sell new retail firearms at MSRP, we expect plenty of demand, no need to price gouge.

Are these guns legal for me to buy? > Yes, there is no legal restriction on California residents from buying most handguns (you still can't have a threaded barrel or magazine over 10 rounds, sorry), this is why you can purchase off roster handguns via a private party. The "safe handgun law" restricts California firearms dealers from selling you handguns not approved by the DOJ.

So why can't I buy these handguns now? > The "safe handgun law" restricts California firearms dealers from selling you any handguns not approved by the DOJ, unless you are a LEO.

So how is this legal? >While we can't discuss the model in more detail at this time, there is still much going on behind the scenes including extensive discussions with ATF, CalDOJ, and legal counsel. We will continue to release more information as we can!